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I am lazily calling this the CES roundup, because I am aggregating the aggregate news written by the aggregators so it is all in one place, mostly for me.

Also, this week, I attended the first 2018 Radiant Images Open House her in Los Angeles and got to spend a little time with the Samsung 360 Round pro camera, hold the ZCam K1 Pro 180 camera, and most impressive among the many high end offerings, check out the end-to-end pipeline for spherical video from Taiwan company Funique (future + unique).

WOW. The output of their 6DoF parallaxed, computationally stitched and rendered video is gobsmackingly beautiful. An A/B comparison was no contest. It is like looking at the difference between SD and 4K. With HDR. Which it has.

They have also created a macroscopic photography solution that works in concert with their post processing system, and even offer an 8k custom player that can be integrated via SteamVR for the public.

Their first piece "Your Spiritual Temple Sucks" is a wacky Peewee's Playhouse-style romp with a few grown men in and a Pikachu getup and Alice in Wonderland dresses and cheap wigs playing with lightsabers in a set bursting with color. But behind this seemingly flip and effortless playground is a LOT of tech and design consideration.

The short will premiere at Sundance's Future innovations VR offerings in Park City later this month. The rest of the showreel (not the older one on their homepage) featured extreme closeups on various insects, where leaning in would not feel so muck like moving your head inside of a projection-mapped fishbowl. as it was like getting closer to the subject (in this case a Rhino Beetle) without breaking convergence or focus. 

These were being run on PCs using the Samsung Odyssey HMD which is, as reports promised, light, comfortable and of excellent picture.

At the end, Radiant evangelist and Toronto ex-pat Andrew Shwartz invited creators to come and create for the Funique platform.

Yes Please! FIVARS will work with all of the above to bring the next level of fidelity and comfort to the masses.

Think I just felt a little earthquake here in LA as I type. Anyway.

So thank for reading, hope you are all recovering from CES, and for those who aren't be grateful to the awesome folks who made the trek and brought back the stories from deep inside the zone.


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