Well, that was AWESOME.

VRTO 2019 has now come and gone and it was, as promised, an intimate industry-facing true conference for creators, inventors, pioneers, producers and students. Here are a few Snapds.

You can now see the first videos from this year's VRTO 2019 Conference playlist on our YouTube channel with many more videos coming soon (be sure to subscribe to be notified about upcoming premieres).

Our director of communications, and my co-producer Stephanie Greenall has put together a wonderful selection of highlights from the show at the VRTO site.
Photo: Sarah Vick - head of business development for Intel Capture Studios in Los Angeles speaks at VRTO 2019. Photo by Captive Camera

As we wrap up VRTO we are already heavy into prepping the 5th(!) annual FIVARS Festival of International Virtual & Augmented Reality Stories. If you have content, submit today, before it's too late. FIVARS is one of the best established international showcases for immersive creators exploring new ways to tell their stories and to express stories in general.

In preparation, we are co-hosting a special Intro to Projection Mapping for creatives taught by Maziar Ghaderi in partnership with Charles St. Video July 7th and 21st at the Toronto Media Arts Centre where we host VRTO in June and FIVARS in September (13th to 15th). We have managed to secure 5 discount codes for VRTO members for each weekend. If you will use it, reply to me via this email, and I'll hook you up with this exclusive deal. Join the VRTO Meetup for this event to learn more.
Join FIVARS and VRTO for an Introduction to Projection Mapping at Charles Street Video, July 7th and 21st!

Also as the Asian Amusement & Attractions Expo wrap-ups come to a close, I highly recommend reading and subscribing to Kevin Williams' Stinger report. Read the latest issue to get an idea of all the madness around VR going on in China and how to consider it. In this issue the report describes how Mixed Reality, extended to interactive projection mapping was being used to "include soft-play environments and even trampoline areas, now incorporating an interactive digital element.

One example of innovation in this tech saw the ability for players to shoot laser guns at the elements of the projected surface, and for the hits to be registered by the game - this 'Interactive Wall' system was shown by developer Kydavr Technology." There is a lot of work happening in this field right now and you will be hearing about it in coming months.

And just this last week many of my friends attended Eddie Lou's Sandbox Immersive Festival in Qingdao which is growing year after year.

An early highlight of VRTO 2019 was Indie VR Dev - The Game Show, hosted by Dustin Freeman (Escape Character) featuring Blair Renaud (IRIS VR), Martin Bradstreet (Martov Co.) and Andre Elijah (OPIATS) - photo by Christian Bobak Copyright 2019

At the end of July we head off to SIGGRAPH 2019, which this year moves from Vancouver back to Los Angeles. They have doubled down on their VR and AR offerings this year and I look forward not only to reporting on the latest news and developments but also finding the right stuff to bring back to Toronto.

Meanwhile in the shadow of  Bitcoin once again trending higher that Jesus in search,  there is a lot of good VR news this week. Besides the fact that we are seeing many improvements in the hardware, software and tools used to make VR and furthermore increasing real-world deployments of the technology that are making real improvements in people's lives. The Rift S gets an important tracking update oh...and the Valve Index was released! nbd

Once again I am personally very grateful to the sponsors who empower me and my team to make VRTO and FIVARS realities. Please visit their links via our various pages and learn about the work they do.

With all the love coming your way,

Please enjoy this week's picks.


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